John Hoey

Multicolor Splash

Blue Splash

Cherry Splash

Ciroc & Cherry Splash

Ciroc and Berry Splash

Hypnotiq Splash

"A Splash in Time"

Red Berry Ciroc & Cherry Splash

Red Berry Ciroc & Cherry Splash2

Ciroc and Cherry Spritz

"A Splash in Time"

"Rim Shot"

"A Splash in Time"

Milk Castle

Fruit Loop Splash

Fruit Loops Splash 2

Fruit Loop Splash3

Bell Pepper Splash

Fruit Looped Out

Fruitier Loops

Olive Splash

"This Changes Everything"

Lemon Splash

Milk Crater

Milk Crater 2

"Open Mouth" Milk Splash

"Frozen in Lime"

Lemon & Lime Splash

"Blue Mood Martini"

Cherry Splash on the Rocks in Black-Stemmed Glass

On the Rocks with Olive Splash

Whiskey Splash

Whiskey on the rocks

Cordially Yours

Pink Drop

Single drop of pink liquid falling into stemmed cordial glass

Green Punch

Digital photo showing green liquid splashing (with over-spill) into a stemmed cordial glass

Very Berry

Digital photo of red liquid splashing into stemmed cordial glass

Berry Cordial

Digital photo of red (berry) liquid splashing into cordial glass


Digital photo showing blue liquid splashing into a stemmed cordial glass

Happy Hour

Close-up color image of the Mint Julep at HōM (Charleston, SC)